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Time periods are the different years you can travel to in Shadow of memories. Eike can only travel to time periods related to him in some way. Each action the player takes in the different time period affect future ones. However, some are minor and are only four.Each time period and the characters that inhabit them have a distinct colour tone with Eike remaining the same.


The 1580's are the earliest time period in the timeline and is one out of the few time periods that is not changed due to time travel, as it can only be used by Eike to alter future eras. It is home to the Wagners and Dana, along with many ancestors of the present day citizens of Lebensbaum.Since this period is from the early days of Lebensbraum's history many buildings from the present day are not built yet.The colour scheme for this era is a earthy yellowish-brown . The dates that Eike spends here are:

  • 18th November 1580
  • 24th May 1582
  • 3rd August 1584
  • 13th August 1584


Almost 100 years before the present, this is the home of Alfred and Sibylla Brum along with the father or grandfather of the restaurant owner and one of Oleg's ancestors a photographer.The colour scheme for this era is a black/white tone.That date that Eike visits here is:

  • 20th March 1902


This time period changes from 1979 to 1980 once Eike reaches chapter six. These two time periods are the only ones to feature true past versions of present day characters. These include a young Oleg Franssen,a younger jogger, Eckart Brum, café owner, restaurant owner and Miriam Brum. The colour tone for 1979 is a deep blueish tint, while 1980 has a slight white tint since it is set during a snowstorm.The dates that Eike visits here is:

  • 9th October 1979
  • 7th February 1980



The present, for the first two chapters Eike only needs to travel back a few hours in this time period. However, this soon was replaced with the need to go back further in time.The dates he visits then are:

  • 7th April 2001
  • 9th April 2001(present)
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