Alfred Brum (father)
Younger brother
Eckart Brum (great-nephew)
Margarete Wagner (great-great-niece)
Miriam Brum (great-niece in law)

Sibylla Brum is the eldest child of Alfred Brum in 1902 and is about ten years old. Precocious for her age she looks after her younger sibling after the death of her mother, and despite the pressure keeps up a polite and happy facade for her father.

Biography Edit

suggesting that he look for a frying pan from the local restaurant when he is searching for a large iron plate.She secretly doesnt want to sell the house and is thus relieved by her fathers decision to turn it into a museum.When she notices a rip on Eikes jumper she reveals that although she cant cook but is good at sewing.She takes the jumper off and sews it while Eike wears the jugglers outfit that she had previously sewn before.She shows him a Scribners Egg that she was going to use to tell her father not to sell the house.Eike can use the suit to travel back to 2001 during the first attempt on his life and warn himself in the prologue to search for an iron plate before hand.She mentions to Eike that he take away the key he stole to his confusion.It is later revealed that in Chapter 7 Eike in fact traveled back to an earlier point that day and steals a key to the tower adjacent to the house she in fact notices how he could changed clothes already since she hadnt given back his trademark green jumper.In a subversion of the "The Grandfather Paradox in Chapter 5 Eike can give one of Eckharts Brums nwly born cats to her as a gift thus making it self its own ancestor.

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