Oleg Franssen


49 (2001)
27-28 (1979-1980)


Karl Franssen (ancestor)
Mr. Franssen (grandfather)
Unnamed father

Oleg Franssen is the descendant of both Karl Franssen(painter) and Mr. Franssen(photographer) and the son of a watch maker.He has worked as a movie director for the last twenty years but has had little commercial or critical success.Reaching 50 years old when he first meets Eike he comments about how life has past him by and that Eike should live each day like it was his first and last.When Eike is transported to 1979 by Homunculus a younger Oleg manages to see him materialise out of thin air.Later on in Chapter 6 after being run down by a car when a group of women lose interest in an advertisement for Oleg's new movie "The Meditation Man",Eike travels to the 7th of Feburary and appears in front of the younger Oleg.Believing that his meditation brought Eike to him Oleg tells him of his plans to make "The Meditation Man" about a hero with pschokinetic powers,Eike derides and decides to tell him to make a better movie when he becomes older about time travel and solving a murder with the ability.He can tell Oleg to make two movies either one with a love story angle(Trip for Two) or a Thriller Spin.Either way he gives Eike a faberge egg watch made by his father as a token of his friendship.


Original LifeEdit

Encountering Eike Twelve Years AgoEdit

A Better LifeEdit

Back to NothingEdit

While not confirmed, it is very likely that when Eike prevented his own existence by preventing the djinn Homunculus from being free to manipulate the timeline, Oleg's life returned to how it was originally. This is because, without Eike influencing his life, Oleg wouldn't have come up with a successful film.

Trivia Edit

  • Oleg is the only character with a confirmed age. Due to mentioning that he was nearly fifty, that would mean he is 49. However, his date of birth is still unknown.
  • Oleg also appears in another Konami game, Suikoden IV, where he is also a photographer/movie maker, its graphical appearance remains unchanged.