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Dana's Letter is an item in Shadow of Memories.

Item Details

'A memo found by the cafe door. The manager probably wrote this.'

The Letter reads:

'Dear Dana,

I appreciate you returning the item, the customer forgot at the cafe yesterday.

After opening the shop today, you'll find a box on the counter.

It's a birthday present (Better late than never!) from all of us at the cafe, and some of the regulars as well.

You have a pretty big following Dana. Keep up the good work!

Your Boss and Your Friend'

How to Obtain

Dana's Letter is obtained in Chapter 8 on-route to Ending E. After meeting with Dana in Chapter 8 you get a chance to go back to the present to find by Cafe Sonne.


After obtaining Dana's Letter, return to the 1582 Era and go see Dana and give her the letter to progress with Ending E.