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The Barman is the owner of Bar Zum Ei located past the Fortune Tellers Building North-West of Lebensbaum. He is a middle aged man with glasses and a beard and has an intense fascination with oval shaped objects - Particularly Faberge Eggs.


Chapter 1

2001 - In The Past

He is apparently killed in the bar when it is set on fire but is rescued when Eike puts it out either by putting it out himself outside Bar Zum Ei or by warning him about it when he is inside when the bar is open at 2:00pm.

If Eike receives the Scribner's Egg from the Street Performer, can give it to the Barman who is a collect of rare egg shaped objects and receives a Frying Pan in exchange for it.

Chapter 3


You can visit the Barman in the basement, thought he is resting and does not want to speak to Eike - Unless he hasn't seen the Scribner's Egg already.

Chapter 4


Eike can collect the Frying Pan later in Chapter 4 if hasn't already by either collecting it from the Barman or his ancestor in 1902.

Chapter 5


When Eike gets hungry visits Bar Zum Ei and the Barman he suggests he try the house special to eat before he is poisoned by his assassin.

If Eike revisits Bar Zum Ei, the Barman will tell Eike the story behind his obsession with Faberge Eggs.

If he visits once more, the Barman will show him a photograph of his grand-kids. Eike recalls the boy outside of the bar when it was on fire.

Chapter 6


Eike can visit a younger Barman at Bar Zum Ei, as he is considering closing up for the day as business is slow.

Chapter 7


If Eike revisits Bar Zum Ei, the Barman will ask to look at Eike's Faberge Egg Watch he received from Oleg Franssen. He notes it is a replica and asks Eike to hold onto it as part of his collection.

2001 - The Night Before

If Eike revisits Bar Zum Ei, the Barman will be downstairs who is tired.


Eike returns to the Bar Zum Ei to drink in celebration of surviving the ordeal in Ending B.



One ancestor of the Barman is a worker for the squire. In Chapter 2 on the 18th of November 1580 is planting a tree that would be fully grown in the present day. When Eike brings a seal of the squire to him he then makes him plant a bed of flowers or build a statue of Eike. This is recorded in a painting by Karl Franssen.


In this era, Eike can go to the same location of the Bar Zum Ei to find an open housed bar with a ancestor of the Barman. When visiting he will offer Eike a cup of coffee and then ask for payment. Eike can later repay the tab with a faberge egg watch given to him by Oleg thus sparking the Barman from the presents interest in egg shaped objects (he can also get a frying pan from this Barman if he hasn't already).


Barman: "Wait… I smell something burning, there really is a fire!"

Barman: "Want to see the picture?"

Barman: "Ah, wow! That’s a Scribner’s Egg! Oh, gosh. I was right! Look at this texture, it’s beautiful! "

Barman: "I’m a fiend when it comes to egg collectibles."

Barman (1902): "Well this is how we get to know each other around here. Drink up."

Barman (1902): "Hmm... Nice shape to it, huh? Not the usual round shape... Kind of oval. Very Nice... Looks like i got a real good deal. "